About me

Ewa Stańczak

About me

My work as a graphic designer is driven by passion. I design not because I like pretty things but because I strongly believe that design makes our lifes better. It helps us being more organised and time efficient so we can choose to spend it more doing what we love with whom we love. That alone is good enough reason to do it but there are many more.

I enjoy the whole creative process from the very first contact with my client, through finding out best solutions and than dressing them in visually attractive form. Listening, asking, looking for balance, creating and developing - those are joys of my work. Oh, and I still like pretty things.


Graphic design & web design.

I offer full visual identity design for companies, businesses, ngoss, etc. I create branding related materials (logos, prints, brand books, icons), publishing materials (cathalogs, books, posters), events branding (exhibitions, conferences, sport).

Using Web Design I create useful, responsive websites, web shops or mobile apps, interfaces and templates. I cooperate with skillful and experienced developers.

Selected clients

International Peper
Bank Pekao SA
Grupa Żywiec
DM Boś
Getting Noble Bank
Bre Leasing
Zamek Cieszyn

Let's work together!

I'll answer your question, I'll design project for you or simply drink a coffee and talk!



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